Track UK formularies in real time. That’s right – real time.

Formulytics is a digital analytics tool that provides real-time updates of UK medicines formularies. Track your brand. Track your competitors. Identify early adopters and local barriers. And, with information coded to your prescribing or sales data, discover the real-world impact that formulary status is having on brand sales. It’s cutting edge innovation. All day. Every day.

It’s not a game.

It’s a game-changer.

There’s no uniform format for formulary data. So until now, measuring a brand’s real-world position has relied on expensive manual processes and moment-in-time snapshots that are quickly out of date. Benchmarking brand performance has been Mission Impossible. Formulytics changes all that. And the old approach? It’s game over.

We, robot. Introducing human and artificial intelligence.

Our algorithms detect formulary changes as they happen. They’re validated by healthcare experts to assure data integrity. And fed into a dynamic database to provide a real-time view of formulary and prescribing activity. It’s yesterday’s data, tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Because we’re checking it today. Robots are brilliant at finding data. But you need brainpower to work out what it means.



This time, it’s personal.

Formulytics gives brand teams personalised business intelligence. The tool is customised, allowing you to track the key parameters relevant to your brand and benchmark them against competitor products. Interactive reports are accessible at any time via a secure client portal. Your data, any time you want it.

Got a key business question?

We can help you answer it.

Want to know the adoption rate of your product? Formulytics can help. Is formulary approval translating into sales? If not, why not? Formulytics has the answer. It can tell you where your competitors are making gains, where the early adopters of your product live, and whether there’s alignment between resourcing, targeting and sales. There are so many questions. Formulytics gives you all of the answers.

3D robot with question mark. Isolated on white. Contains clipping path

See the data. Tell the story. Rewrite it.