Cutting edge business intelligence. Right here.

The next generation of business intelligence is here. Forget Big Data – ValueBase gives you smart data. Our personalised intelligence tools marry digital tech with specialist healthcare expertise to turn disorganised data into actionable insight.

Electronics and housekeeping concept. Isolated over white. Contains clipping path

Humans and robots unite to tidy up messy data.

We use algorithm-based methodology to capture large, complex volumes of open source data. We turn that data into information. Our healthcare experts check, connect and contextualise it. And our digital interfaces bring it to life, so that you can understand it. It’s the perfect combination of human and artificial intelligence. At your fingertips.

Breaking bad. Old problems?
New solutions.

Our intelligence tools provide new ways to solve old problems. Some might call it disruptive innovation. We just call it common sense.  Our digital solutions unlock high-value insights that support intelligent decision-making. Why do it the hard way?     Do it the smart way. At ValueBase, we’re breaking bad.


For actionable intelligence, take intelligent action.