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We think business intelligence is the new battleground for competitive advantage. And so we’re committed to just one goal: to create brilliant intelligence tools that help pharma companies meet and beat their commercial targets.

Making the invisible visible

You can’t change what you can’t see. For too long, drug companies have been unable to see a key driver of product sales: formulary adoption. Now they can. Our flagship digital innovation, Formulytics, tracks and evaluates UK medicines formularies to help companies monitor adoption, benchmark competitors, identify early adopters and target resources. Formulytics provides real-time and longitudinal insight to inform commercial strategy. It makes the invisible visible.


The complete picture

Getting the complete picture of a product’s performance in a locality requires understanding three things: its formulary position, Guideline positioning and sales. ValueBase gives you all three. Formulytics maps formulary adoption against Rx sales. Its sister application, Guidelight, tracks guidelines updates. Combined, our tools provide total access visibility triangulated from formulary, guideline and Rx data across your therapy area. 


Check out our videos and heat maps to discover how VB’s personalised intelligence tools can help you drive commercial performance. Cue the VT.



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